Let me start by apologizing for the delay we’ve been experiencing when it comes to updating the comic. I’m also sorry about the lack of keeping you all informed on what we’ve been doing these last few weeks.

A month ago I started a new job and even though I work more consistent hours than before (at the restaurant) and receive a much better compensation this new job does take up larger portions of my time.  I posted awhile back explaining in more detail about my new situation, which ultimately has had us alter our publishing schedule.  But, some of you may have noticed that we’ve missed publishing two comics during the past month.

I definitely stand by our new schedule and in the weeks to come we hope to become more comfortable with our new publishing timeframe and actually start putting out more content. One situation we’re experiencing is that we have comics in in various stages of productions but that don’t coincide with our timeline. We have one comic getting colors, one comic getting inks and one I’m starting pencils on.  The problem stems from the situation that the comic getting colored publishes third; the comic getting inks publishes first and comic publishing second I just started the pencils on. So, our very first task is to get our comic publishing ironed and in order before we start rolling out new comics.

The second situation we’ve run into, that’s holding up Side Quest Comic production, is I’m actually working on a secret project. Not to be vague and I will be able to talk about this very soon but I am pulling double duty on comics right now. And because I’m contracted out on this job it has take precedence over my other comic work.

But, do not fret we’re coming up with ideas everyday on how to streamline our production, finish side projects and develop new material for the site. The one aspect that has actually gotten better is idea generation. I sketched and developed more comic ideas in the past month than I have all year. Sorry, again, for all the delays and we have some good stuff coming soon.


Stay Classy,

Travis (Jarv)